4 infographics showing jobs in danger from automation

Are you going to lose your job to a robot?

Here are 4 infographics showing jobs that are in danger.

The technical possibility of jobs being automated in the US, by McKinsey & Company


A downloadable, printable chart of jobs and skills with their risk of being automated.  It shows what parts of a job could be automated.

Key takeaways

Many jobs might not be completely automated but could still be heavily effected. If 50% of a job can be automated, you only need half the number of people to fill the position.

Accommodation & food service and manufacturing have the largest portions of the job with the highest likelihood of automation.

Interactive charts of the likelihood of US jobs being automated, by Visual Capitalist


Charts the percentage based likelihood of jobs falling to automation – the higher the percentage, the higher chance of automating it. Click on a section of the bar chart or a circle to see the job and details.

Some key takeaways​:

The highest amount of workers in danger are office and administrative support and retail sales.  This includes accountants, stock clerks and secretarial positions.

Along with vehicle drivers and machine operators and factory workers, food preparation jobs show as being in high danger. This includes bakers, fast food workers, wait staff and bar tenders.

The odds of a Machine Doing Your Job (UK), by NeoMam and Pokerstars


A nicely presented graphic showing various snippets of information covering the history or robotics, what kinds of skills are likely to be replaced by robotics and what skills are safe, future predictions and the risk level of a selection of jobs.

Key takeaways:

Jobs in the highest danger ranking include positions like legal assistants, butchers, bookkeepers and jewellery metal workers.

Skills based in creative intelligence and social intelligence are the safest from being replaced.  This basically means creative and artistic jobs and jobs that involve empathy and understanding.

Will a robot take your job (UK), by BBC


Search or browse for a job to see how its likelihood of being automated.  It lists 366 job titles, and shows where your job sits amongst them.



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