5 must watch videos about AI

A collection of presentations about artificial intelligence.  A lot of topics are covered going from computers beating people at board games to job displacement.  If you want good general knowledge of where AI is now, and where it is headed, watch these videos.

What happens when computers get smarter than we are?  A TED talk by Nick Bostrom.

It’s a fairly short talk discussing what life might be like with super intelligent AI.

Artificial Intelligence, by LEMMiNO.

A short, engaging introduction to the current state of AI, and what might happen in the future.

A.I. is Progressing Faster Than You Think! by ColdFusion.

An introduction to neural networks and how they are being used and developed. It shows examples of recent breakthroughs where AI is better at a task than humans.

Artificial Intelligence: It starts to create Art and is growing exponentially! By Skinome.

A slightly longer, more indepth look at the current developments of artificial intelligence. Also touches on how this will effect jobs, and ends with a prediction of when AI will be smarter than humans.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) expert, Andrew Ng “The job replacement issue is real!”

This is a long one, 87 minutes, but well worth it.  Unlike the other videos above, this features someone directly involved in creating advanced AI, working for Baidu, the Chinese equivalent of Google.

If you’ve watched or created a video about AI that you’d like to share, please comment below.


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