How many truck driving jobs will be lost in Australia, USA, UK and Canada?

Probably all of them. How many is that? We’ll take a look at some of the numbers using data from those countries.

How many truck drivers are there in Australia?

The data from the Australian Government’s Job Outlook website shows there were 173,000 truck drivers in 2015. They also project there to be 183,000 truck driving jobs in 2020.

How many truck drivers are in the USA?

There are around 3.5 million truck drivers in the USA according to This is around 2.8% of the workforce, or more than 1 in 50 people.

How many truck drivers are there in the UK (better known as lorry drivers)?

There are around 600,000 HGV-licensed (heavy goods vehicle) drivers in the UK.  Unlike the figures in the other countries we’ve looked at, this data doesn’t include light trucks.  There is a shortage of drivers in the UK, and it’s understandable why young people are looking to different careers with self driving truck technology being already tested.

How many truck drivers are there in Canada?

There are around 227,000 truck drivers in Canada, with around 700,000 trucks. The percentage of drivers varies from state to state, but overall it is one of the most frequently cited occupations of men in Canada.

The total numbers

This brings the total number of truck drivers over the 4 countries to 4.5 million truck drivers.   That’s a lot of jobs on the line in itself, but there are other supporting roles like administration, truck stops, training and HR that would also be affected.  That’s a lot people and families that will require a new source of income.




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