Our mission

The aim of Ban The Bots

  1. Encourage people, businesses and governments to take artificial intelligence, robots and automation seriously.
  2. Provide a forum for those affected by or concerned with automation.
  3. Make sure peoples lives are not negatively effected by robotics and automation.
  4. Make businesses taking advantage of robots give back to real people.
  5. Raise the question: “Should we Ban The Bots?”

Our aim is to assure that advances in technology are to the betterment of humanity. It seems that robotics and artificial intelligence are not being treated as seriously as some other scientific breakthroughs such as cloning and gene manipulation.

Unlike cloning and similar biologic advancements, the fate of artificial intelligence and automation is being left in the hands of the corporate world. Corporations tend to focus on making money and meeting KPI’s to please shareholders from financial quarter to quarter.

Ban The Bots would like to put the spotlight on the impacts that are occurring in the real world. We would like to spread the message that humanity still has a choice. AI and automation is still in its infancy, and can still be stopped.

We would like to see the little robot with the red cross proudly stuck on trucks, taxis, uber cars and tradesman’s utes, and people who support the mission wearing Ban The Bots shirts to show that real people are taking this matter to heart. ┬áThe corporate world needs to take responsibility where governments are not.